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      1. The Way in Future
        BAK Power

        BAK Power products are widely used in wind, water, and solar energy power stations, as well as solar street lights, home energy storage, network communication towers and other fields. Through cutting-edge automated dismantling equipment and specialized processes, depleted vehicle batteries are effectively recycled, reused and properly disposed of, promoting the development of recycling, and fundamentally solving the problems caused by scraped cars.

        Product System

        Product Introduction

        Diversified Application

        Case Studies

        Sep.2015,BAK Power was chosen to power the Kaituozhe-1Satellite

        In 2011, 200 Foton electric taxis with BAK batteries were put into operation in Beijing.
        So far, the taxis have traveled over 400,000 kilometers, and no battery replacements have been done.
        They retained 80% or more of their original charge capacity.
        In 2017, some vehicles had already reached the operational service deadline and were scrapped and disassembled, but most of the batteries have been reused in shipyard applications.

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