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      1. Build a Green
        Lithium Battery Eco chain

        Full life cycle utilization

        • High

          NMC material route
          for lasting performance

        • Safety

          Inner material outside
          shell, multiple protection

        • Long Life

          The product's longest
          cycle life can reach more
          than 3,000 times

        • Extreme Temperature Performance

          Discharge rate up
          to 85% at -20°C

        • Fast Charge

          Up to 7C discharge rate

        • Customized

          Change on demand, with
          strong spatial adaptability,
          high energy density

        • Reasonable

          Uniform current, small
          temperature difference,
          good heat dissipation

        • High and Low

          Adopting BDU Design
          to Better Realize High
          and Low Pressure Separation

        • Wire Speed
          Design Science

          Guaranteed No Soldering
          and Flickering

        Power Battery Management System

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        BAK Power officia

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