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      1. Sustainable Innovation
        for BAK Cells

        the NMC Battery Cell Products

        Stable Safety Performance

        According to a survey conducted by BAK Power on consumers in more than 20 provinces and cities in China, 67% of consumers are most concerned with battery safety when purchasing new energy vehicles.BAK Power fully focuses on integral R&D design of battery safety and was the first company in China to pass the Thermal Runaway Management Technology Test, which protects clients' core benefits.

        • Design Security

          Adopting specific chemical and unique structural system, to ensure the cell completes effective heat release under extreme abuse, with no danger of overheating

        • Product Safety

          With the special design of the module, the thermal runaway appears in the single cell, and the whole package works normally.

          300+ module explosion-test verification, 100% passing rate

        • Production Safety

          Advanced automatic pro-duction line and interna-tional leading production management system, to ensure product consistency and completely elimi-nate potential safety hazards

        • Safeguarding Security

          Complete after-sales customer service available 24/7

        Superior Cycle Life

        As the basis for the life span of a new energy vehicle, the battery cell can be recharged repeatedly without any loss of its performance.

        BAK Power batteries are designed with superior components and materials and uses a more stable composite structural graphite to ensure high battery capacity and long life cycle.

        • 1000 times

        • capacity retention rate of over 80%

        • Low temperature state -20℃ High temperature state 60℃

          Discharge ratecan reach 85%

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